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The idea of waluigi as an assist trophy is reprehensible

Waluigi has never assisted anybody

PS5 backward compatibility rumor :mario_flop: 

Hey lovely trans communities:

When we talk about transness, please remember that when we act like there's a single trans(feminine/masculine) experience, we are erasing people. When we talk about transness but only talk about *transition* we are erasing people.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (mild Prison Tower spoilers) 

Native American proverbs don't exist. Which Native Americans? If you don't know, they probably didn't say it.

Xenoblade 3D, ranting about graphics 

Pushing myself through the production phase where I rearrange text boxes and fret over word choices. The script is fine, the meaning will get through, granular revisions can wait until pencils are complete.🔸

hey in case y'all wondered why my avi is a bjenny montero drawing just take a look at this shit

Using FreeSans (an Arial-like free font) for a comic's dialogue. You can't stop me 🔸

I will not accept the next revision of the Xbox One hardware unless it's either called the Xbox One Y (the XbOneY) or the Xbox One X One

Catching up with Kingdom Hearts 

kh shitposting 

Oh heeey I used to play this platformer for noooo reason.


#Gex Side Smash + Taunt
#SuperSmashBrosUltimate #Animation


And just in case you don't have six hours to kill, here's a time-lapse of the progress I was able to make before I decided to stop for dinner 🔸

Today's creative livestream is up on YouTube in its entirety, minus the breaks I took! The music's been edited out, but it's all on Spotify if you want the authentic stream experience. 🔸

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