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"Choice and Consequence" games (-) 

"Choice and Consequence" games (-) 

"Choice and Consequence" games (-) 

How to get Sony controllers working wirelessly on Linux (PSA) 

via joffeorama over on Twitter: Tuned Heart, a newly fan-translated PC98 biker girl gang tactical RPG [pixel guns]

Pokémon SM054: 10.000.000 Reasons to Fight 


If the Fast & Furious movies were released at the same rate as MCU Phase 4, Hobbs & Shaw would've been a summer blockbuster in 2003.

NITW, sexual assault, Twitter links (Update) 

The Actual Witch Society of Derrybridge Middle School Hang Out Before Class

On current abuser events (re: LB) 

On current abuser events (re: LB) 

Abuse, callout, birdsite 

The next two weeks of streams will start later than usual (Phen and I are catsitting Tuesday afternoons), but tomorrow night I'll be putting NieR Gestalt to bed with an attempt at the DLC as well as the final two endings! Sometime after 6:00 PM PDT: 🔸

Death Stranding (-, no new developments, MGSV spoilers) 

Death Stranding (-, no new developments) 

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