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Pokémania Catch(-'em-)all Thread: Pokemon: The Power of Us 

I like this trend of Pokemon films presenting themselves as stories first and tie-ins second! This one contains stories from five characters who each have insecurities, personal secrets, and complete (if brief) character arcs, alongside Ash who exists entirely as an excuse for the story to have (nicely-choreographed and visually impressive) battles in it

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my partner referred to my morning latte as "a pumpkin-spiced Starbucks for my pumpkin-spiced star-buck" and my eyes lit up so brightly that my sunglasses melted

Just Dance 2014 :kinect: 

Apologies if I'm repeating myself -- my plan from here is to run through the basic lineup of each game at least once, then whenever I catch up with 2020 I'll be deep-diving into it with attempts to refine and master every routine I can. I saw people absolutely throwing down to JD2019 in the video games room at BLFC, the least I can do is replicate their energy in the comfort of my own home.

2015 is installed on the XbOne, I'll see if I can bust into it tomorrow

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Just Dance 2014 :kinect: 

Update: It didn't~

Finished the base 2014 lineup today! My personal verdict -- too many songs where you're expected to directly interact with a partner; otherwise it's fine. Highlights include "The Other Side", "Sentai Express", "Moskau", "Where Have You Been". "Gentleman", and "The Love Boat".

The last two in that list (intentionally) verge on self-parody; I'm glad there are six more installments for this studio to continue iterating on the dance routine video format

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Tomorrow night at 6PM PDT on my Mixer channel I'll be starting up my launch-era Xbox One for a my next full playthrough, this time of a video game titled "NieR: Automata" 🔸

twin peaks aired on abc and is therefore a member of the disney family

stern doorman at the club: I'm going to need to ask you to relinquish your fursonas.

me, the puckish hero: *tosses my deer onto the table*

doorman: all of them.

me: *opens up my backpack and dumps out a shark and a sergal and a wolverine*

doorman: ... /all/ of them.

me: *rummages through my pockets and pulls out a kangaroo and a chakat*

doorman: ...

me: *sighs, reaches into one of my socks and pulls out an anubis*

Vignette: The piano solo gets so wild that the crowd starts chanting "Jazz jazz jazz jazz"

every aesthetic tumblr/insta with 5 digit follow numbers

Pokémon SM084: The Shape of Love to Come! 

the B-plot of this episode has Team Skull getting challenged to an art battle, so here's the pose the animators went with for Tupp's Salandit

Might be a relatively short one today, but starting in ~15 minutes, the conclusion to my playthrough of Anodyne 1: 🔸

As a dyed-in-the-wool Minnesotan, I refuse to play it until they properly localize it as Untitled Gray Duck Game

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey 

Genuinely surprised that when I said "Markos is seriously just Roman from GTAIV" Phen didn't respond with "um, check the world map, you're in Greece"

transphobia, game dev 

fyi Heartbeat was made by a bunch of transphobes and you should avoid it

i'm glad i didn't get much further than the demo

Steven Universe: The Movie 

Some issues (Connie once again had nothing important to do and "Independent Together" had no business being sung by a heretofore-unseen giant weird man), but they were ultimately minor in the face of this thematically/aesthetically gorgeous 80-minute victory lap that utterly captivated both Phen and I the entire way through

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Steven Universe Season 5 

Good season overall, though IMO it underdelivered on what I ultimately come to the show for in the first place

my art 

Last commission from this character design project I've been working on for the past couple months!

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