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Pokémania Catch(-'em-)all Thread: Pokemon: The Power of Us 

my partner referred to my morning latte as "a pumpkin-spiced Starbucks for my pumpkin-spiced star-buck" and my eyes lit up so brightly that my sunglasses melted

Just Dance 2014 :kinect: 

Just Dance 2014 :kinect: 

Tomorrow night at 6PM PDT on my Mixer channel I'll be starting up my launch-era Xbox One for a my next full playthrough, this time of a video game titled "NieR: Automata" 🔸

twin peaks aired on abc and is therefore a member of the disney family

stern doorman at the club: I'm going to need to ask you to relinquish your fursonas.

me, the puckish hero: *tosses my deer onto the table*

doorman: all of them.

me: *opens up my backpack and dumps out a shark and a sergal and a wolverine*

doorman: ... /all/ of them.

me: *rummages through my pockets and pulls out a kangaroo and a chakat*

doorman: ...

me: *sighs, reaches into one of my socks and pulls out an anubis*

Vignette: The piano solo gets so wild that the crowd starts chanting "Jazz jazz jazz jazz"

every aesthetic tumblr/insta with 5 digit follow numbers

Pokémon SM084: The Shape of Love to Come! 

Might be a relatively short one today, but starting in ~15 minutes, the conclusion to my playthrough of Anodyne 1: 🔸

As a dyed-in-the-wool Minnesotan, I refuse to play it until they properly localize it as Untitled Gray Duck Game

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey 

transphobia, game dev 

Steven Universe: The Movie 

Steven Universe Season 5 

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