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I've also been playing the official port of the first Dragon Quest. Hey, quick question Square-Enix, why are student RPG Maker games capable of smooth-scrolling background movement but this isn't, ever, under any circumstances, at all🔸

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Gaming update: The last few days my daily sun-lamp routine has been coinciding with at least half an hour's worth of the Switch port of Deemo, which on Normal is currently enough to make me feel the rhythm-game sensation of "oh wow, I just actually did that, didn't I" 🔸

One problem arose with the offstream model -- it brought to light that my point-to-point skills really need refining, and I'm fairly sure the Omicron I'm working on is going to have its face topology completely redone before I'm satisfied with it. That's OK; modeling is fun~ 🔸

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Task status: Comic was fully written within a day, offstream model was started and worked on during today's movie marathon with the housemates. I've also been sleeping better, we'll see if tomorrow morning's stream will have me effortlessly making complete sentences🔸

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey (sidequest) 

You know, when you attempt to do a full Let's Play of the Legend of Spyro series, you learn a few things about the community

(previously went all-in on the former, but I've been rethinking a few things lately; at this point it's going to depend on what the sadness aspect of the Sobble design turns into over the creature's evolutionary process) 🔸

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Finally spent my last Switch Online voucher on Pokemon Shield. Now to spend the next two-plus weeks deliberating over Sobble vs. Grookey as my starter choice 🔸

my art 

So my patrons wanted to see Isaac in a Prof. Membrane halloween costume this month!

Resuming my Route B playthrough of NieR Automata in < 10 minutes: 🔸

Three tasks for the week: 1) write a script for a comic, 2) start a separate 3D model offstream just to re-educate myself on Blender point-to-point best practices (because it seems like I could use the experience) 3) Actually Get Some Sleep At Night to enable tasks 1 and 2🔸

Just Dance 2016 :kinect: 

What's up gamers, just five-starred Under The Sea on my first try :emblem_gex2:

For serious, though, the last three songs (all couples' routines that require both partners to be skinny and athletic) were enough to make me glad I'm moving on from this one. (As though the final song itself wasn't enough to do that, ugh. If I wanted to dance to songs from Grease I'd have bought the dedicated Kinect game for it)

JD2017 is in the drive, I can't wait to see how it treats me

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Was going to attempt another creative stream tonight (despite having no specific plan in place) but my microphone decided to feign death throughout 20 minutes of troubleshooting and gosh, I'm just not feeling it now 🔸

To everyone who still makes text-based tutorials, thank you!

I'd much rather follow a text tutorial than wait 15+ minutes for a video tutorial to load.

Your work is very much underappreciated. Thanks again! 💜

I noticed I have a bad habit of adopting an authoritative tone on subjects I actually have relatively little professional experience in (reminder: I have exactly one finished character model in my portfolio), but the stream archive will go on my Youtube channel regardless🔸

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Blender stream suffered a sudden loss of progress 45 minutes in due to system-level hotkey clumsiness on my part, but was ultimately successful after that! Here's where today's session started and here's where I'm at now: 🔸

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Going live in ~15 minutes with more character modeling in Blender: 🔸

Uptown Funk owes royalties to the fhqwgads song from Homestar Runner

this anime theme came up on our Taiko no Tatsujin playlist and @Lobst agreed with me that it's a great song for sitting on the beach after a fast and furious caper, sipping Coronas and talking about how great it is to not have to worry about extradition

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