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when rich people die, their bodies become the grass. and the antelope eat the grass. and so, that is how trickle-down economics works

begpost, paypal link 

Hey y'all, we need some help. Buncha disabled transpeople running low on food money, and a bit behind on rent, every little bit helps.

Late start, but I'm doing a few more hours of NieR Automata subquest cleanup tonight: 🔸

WWE, transphobia 

This marks the house's first WWE event where my housemates felt the need to make it clear to me that it's OK if I say "fuck this" and leave early in response to a scripted event that happened in the show

Tiny Computer Chronicles (RPi4 Saga) 

I now have a powered SATA-to-USB3 hard drive toaster hooked up to this, with leftover 3.5" 500GB and 250GB drives nestled safely in its slots. I'm glad to see the adapter is compatible; that said, the drives are absolutely placeholders until I can afford new HDDs that are designed to be left on 24/7, and until that day comes I'll be turning this adapter off at night.

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Got a new deersona badge from Kris, and I am *immensely* pleased by how well it came out. ANE can't come soon enough~

Rifftrax (mildly +) 

That said, Cole Stratton and Janet Varney's entries (like Ghost, Footloose, and Flatliners) are 100% the sort of thing I'm ultimately looking for out of this. Maybe I just have '90s nostalgia

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Rifftrax (mildly -) 

At one point the MST3K fan in me strongly considered Rifftrax as part of my attempt to follow a reading list of popular culture, but at some point early on their modern film efforts made the transition from 'famously bad movies' to 'movies nerds are likely to already have in their collections' and good lord, there are only so many blockbuster "what if a guy was very strong and capable?" films I need to see in my lifetime

Very obvious political discourse observation 

Pro-capitalists who say "vote with your wallet" are really saying "For every 1 vote you have, Jeff Bezos should get 10,000,000."

Planning on a low-key stream tonight! I'll be resuming NieR Automata's post-Ending C sidequest cleanup at the top of the hour: 🔸

DualShock 3 never got much love but i feel it's among the best console-born, gen-purpose controller for PC games*

it's a shame non-knockoff DS3s (you don't want the knockoffs) are getting rarer + pricey. i have two, but as a worrier am a little concerned for their longevity

(and holy crap it had some great color variants!)

*two good counterargs:
- preferring Xbox designs (fair)
-seeking minimal input lag (DS4 beats it handily). my DS4 qualms are poor longevity (sticks) + batt life

looking for work, boosts okay 

I am a rather experienced software engineer who could use some means of actually supporting myself in the long term. Self-directed open source development and sporadic game development/music composition aren’t cutting it.

My resume is at and I mostly enjoy working on the service/backend side of interactive/social media stuff. I am not willing to relocate from Seattle at this time, but I would be absolutely fine with working remotely.

FFXIV progress: Fell down a hole today learning crafting/gathering disciplines. Now accepting only talismans or raw materials as my optional quest rewards; catch me leveling all non-combat classes as much as reasonably possible before I advance the story any further🔸

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Steam Link software is apparently reliable enough over a direct CAT5 PC-to-PC cable connection that I've basically completely eliminated any need to move my desktop PC anywhere in the house (or for that matter, to upgrade my laptop at all)🔸

This SHOULD be me for the foreseeable future, unless (of course) they ever decide to add playable Bangaa, in which case I plan to spike this character into the nearest available trash can 🔸

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Realized my desire to play FFXIV was partly limited by an unsatisfying character, so I deleted and rerolled; character name is now Harper Miret-Moor on Ultros, fellow players, feel free to add me to whatever ingame friends lists or social mechanisms you find appropriate 🔸

Smash Direct 

I liked where Sakurai addressed how difficult it must be to design and name a full cast of distinctive characters for each installment in the Fire Emblem series. The one I own (and would like to complete) has a female lead named "Celica", which just makes me think of the car and the paragraph of White Noise that uses that name as a punchline

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Smash Direct 

Wow, I can't believe I finally get to play as Kelswort from Fire Emblem's historic Roaring Eagle house! (And they licensed an actual stock photo of the Goddess Altria as a background image for their ultimate?!)

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NieR Automata (Route C ending, spoilers) 

NGL, when A2 passes through a door in the massive artificial spire to reveal a perfect copy of the library from the original NieR I was ecstatic. It's a cheap move but I fell for it completely. I imagine it's what people in other fandoms think when they see Darth Vader's helmet in a film trailer or whatever

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