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when rich people die, their bodies become the grass. and the antelope eat the grass. and so, that is how trickle-down economics works

begpost, paypal link 

Late start, but I'm doing a few more hours of NieR Automata subquest cleanup tonight: 🔸

WWE, transphobia 

Tiny Computer Chronicles (RPi4 Saga) 

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Got a new deersona badge from Kris, and I am *immensely* pleased by how well it came out. ANE can't come soon enough~

Rifftrax (mildly +) 

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Rifftrax (mildly -) 

Very obvious political discourse observation 

Planning on a low-key stream tonight! I'll be resuming NieR Automata's post-Ending C sidequest cleanup at the top of the hour: 🔸

my dream home is a warehouse with a bunch of colored lighting and crates and barrels and stuff. maybe some health kits

you step into the living room and notice a laser gun on a pedestal

when you go over to pick it up a monster closet suddenly opens and i step out and ask if you want anything to drink

DualShock 3 never got much love but i feel it's among the best console-born, gen-purpose controller for PC games*

it's a shame non-knockoff DS3s (you don't want the knockoffs) are getting rarer + pricey. i have two, but as a worrier am a little concerned for their longevity

(and holy crap it had some great color variants!)

*two good counterargs:
- preferring Xbox designs (fair)
-seeking minimal input lag (DS4 beats it handily). my DS4 qualms are poor longevity (sticks) + batt life

looking for work, boosts okay 

FFXIV progress: Fell down a hole today learning crafting/gathering disciplines. Now accepting only talismans or raw materials as my optional quest rewards; catch me leveling all non-combat classes as much as reasonably possible before I advance the story any further🔸

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Steam Link software is apparently reliable enough over a direct CAT5 PC-to-PC cable connection that I've basically completely eliminated any need to move my desktop PC anywhere in the house (or for that matter, to upgrade my laptop at all)🔸

This SHOULD be me for the foreseeable future, unless (of course) they ever decide to add playable Bangaa, in which case I plan to spike this character into the nearest available trash can 🔸

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Realized my desire to play FFXIV was partly limited by an unsatisfying character, so I deleted and rerolled; character name is now Harper Miret-Moor on Ultros, fellow players, feel free to add me to whatever ingame friends lists or social mechanisms you find appropriate 🔸

Smash Direct 

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Smash Direct 

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