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nero also does a sexy comic about runners called Fuck Me Running for i don't have anything to do with that one but it's still REAL good. If You Get A Filthy Figments Subscription For One Comic, etc etc

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Hastily awaiting the stage in my Japanese studies when I feel like I know enough vocabulary to start playing text-heavy children's-reading-level games without having to look up every second or third word

idk if you've heard but @itsnero and i do a sexy comic about chefs called Split Check for and it absolutely kicks ass

Just wanted to share this picture I took over Lake Superior while I had a little bit of cell service - just lookit it o:

everything I know about photography I've learned from pokémon snap
- subject must be as large as possible
- the rule of thirds is a lie and the subject must be perfectly centered
- an out-of-control vehicle is the best place to take photos from
- throw something smelly at the subject to get them to make a face! priceless

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Apparently both mine and @Lobst's Taiko drum controllers failed, simultaneously, some time shortly after we started ending every Taiko no Tatsujin session with “Division All Stars -Division Battle Anthem-”

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Politics, transness, yard signs 

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I saw two different types of yard sign that started with "WE BELIEVE:" and listed a variety of nice inclusive statements from today's political zeitgeist! Neither of them mentioned trans people at all

I've been taking kanji lessons through WaniKani (taking notes along the way) and even though I'm still on the free levels, its method already seems like an effective supplement to the list of PDFs and free resources I've been using for Japanese grammar and vocabulary

Today I ran a dungeon (while catching up to my old alt's progress) and had partway through the dire realization of "oh no, I think I'm the most experienced player here"

Enthralled by this French speedrunner's methodical 22-minute explanation of the Xenogears kernel menu glitch

BlazBlue/Arc System Works fighter sprite GIFs, Kokonoe 

I can think of a few people on this site who embody this specific energy. It's a shame the GIFs I found didn't include her dash (where instead of running she rides a Razor scooter to her destination, you know, on the 2D fighting game arena)

"Just play Guilty Gear, if you start now you'll be ready when Strive comes out next year!" Sure, ~when I get to it~

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The best parts of CS's story for me were about human relationships; it wasn't a high bar, but Ragna/Jin/Jubei, Noel/Tsubaki/Makoto, Carl, and Lambda's gag reel were all standouts. Everything else (especially the overabundance of 'comedy' paths) felt unnecessary to me

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BlazBlue Continuum Shift is over, now I've moved on to Chronophantasma which seems (at least at first glance) like a major upgrade. Already digging how the story's partitioned out, though I'll be spending more time in the other modes before committing to its VN portion

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(It turns out social media was cutting pretty severely into the time I would've used for other things, which is why I've been able to talk more openly about the stuff I like)

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I realize my feed's been even more about videogames than usual recently, it's partly because I've been really trying to avoid scrolling through social media in the evenings. I'm only a few days into this effort, but so far it's a bad way to be

(I am enjoying BlazBlue but probably wouldn't recommend this game's story mode to anyone who'd be turned off by a localization with bits and pieces that seem intended to appeal to callous anime fans)

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