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This is more a commentary on our preferences than the game itself, though I will say that the first time we fired up this product of hundreds of content creators crunching like hell it recognized both fightsticks as player 1

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Phen and I are both beginners in the fighting game genre, but we've gravitated toward our own respective niches: myself with Arc System Works titles, him with various flavors of SNK. I bring this up because we fired up MK11 the other night and had no idea how to make it fun

Ah, Baldur's Gate 3 is out! *looks at list of playable races and the fact that it's Early Access* Hmm, think I'll pass (no 'bold + not gold)

I tried out Genshin Impact last night; I might not stick with it (I can't carry all these Xenoblades) but there's definitely a FOMO factor; "what if now is the time to play it before it pushes monetization so hard that it becomes insufferable to endure"

The opening cutscenes in Watch_Dogs 2 are incredible, they assign blame for privacy overreaches on a class of "technocrats"; it's a single step better than blaming the tech itself but very pointedly stops before addressing the reason for-profit companies do these things

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Preordered Watch_Dogs: Legion, I just can't wait to be part of the hacker resistance that risks life and limb to return London's living standard to a nonpartisan 2015-era status quo

Let me play my favorite PSOne titles in the living room from the cutscenes in the Pepsiman video game. That's the good stuff right there

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I want to customize an EmuVR room but more as an aesthetic piece, less the "I want to create the ideal room for the me of the 1990s" the way other people do it (probably specifically because video games were most of the bright spots in an otherwise dismal childhood for me)

Not that I expect to from this alone, of course, though it does seem like it'll be at least somewhat helpful. Either way, nose to the grindstone, eyes on the prize

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Evening, folks; tonight I reached Level 10 in WaniKani. The lesson streak's been going over 40 days and it seems like I'm retaining what I've learned, even if it seems I'm a long way off yet from reliably stringing it together into sentences

I bought Audioshield yesterday; it depends on you having an existing library of DRM-free music files and desperately needs (and at this stage is unlikely to get) Steam Workshop support, but it's still a fabulous way to justify moving your body while listening to music

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I've been sleeping a lot better over the last few days, and I suspect it might be a direct result of the VR headset giving me an excuse to spend hours at a time standing and moving around where I didn't before

*looks at Bethesda/InXile/Obsidian* Hmm. You ever just acquire a genre

It's easy, just take the autogenerated anime boy from this Android app, Dropbox it to your PC, drag it into this box on, and presto, we can import this to Unity! (fade to ingame footage) Ah, and the lipsync works perfectly too, remember to like and subscribe

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Still figuring out the magic phrase to Google that'll bring up a complete workflow for turning a Blender default cube into a properly rigged VRChat model; everything I've seen so far involves uploading an existing .fbx file to an autorigging website, I don't trust like that

I recommended Obduction to Phen the other day (we both have it from a recent GOG giveaway) even though it only runs alright on my semi-modern PC and I hadn't yet solved a single puzzle in it, just because the sense of place in its open world is so strong

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I realize there's a honeymoon element in effect here, but I think I'll always want the ability to experience environments through an HMD from here on. Granted, I'm the sort of person to still fire up Mirror's Edge: Catalyst in 2020 just to hang out in its world, but still

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Last night, late at night, I found myself wanting to experience other environments, so I fired up VRChat and toured a few usermade worlds on my own. It made me want to try my hand at designing living spaces and places to explore

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do people who hate piracy also hate libraries? bc the companies they're advocating for sure do

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