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ME: Yes, Google, I'd like maps for Dragon Quest 2 please
GOOGLE: Did you mean Dragon Quest Builders 2? What about Dragon Quest Heroes 2? Perhaps you meant Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, or Slime Morimori Dragon Quest 2, or fan theories about a possible Dragon Quest Swords 2

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Just finished the Switch port of Dragon Quest 2! It was a lovely little playthrough, and now I'm one step closer to possibly starting an installment in this series that might be able to display classic-style 2D RPG sprite graphics at more than 22.5 frames per second

Watching an archive of TieTuesday playing Virtual Bart; while it's commonly recognized as a bad game I think its second-most insulting aspect is how it features such a small amount of text I think it assumes its playerbase is completely illiterate

I hope every state gets these at some point, because the simple ability to see how candidates present themselves in text or who supports/opposes a given proposal (and why, according to them) can be illuminating in and of itself

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Just finished voting; I appreciated that one measure which, in the voters' pamphlet, had several multi-paragraph arguments in opposition all submitted by the same person

Haven't cut together a Let's Play in a few years, but I found myself thinking about the time I condensed 30+ hours of Peace Walker multiplayer footage into a 3-minute sizzle reel. Also Peace Walker was fun as hell.

I've been gradually continuing my path through the Dragon Quest series, and it seems like the second installment is a mechanically satisfying RPG (with antiquated bits); the battles reward you for making turn-by-turn decisions that aren't just selecting Fight over and over

I don't think I'll be getting this repaired, I'd sooner just wait for the hardware revision and sell the tablet and charger as a combo afterward (assuming they still work whenever the new one comes out)

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My Switch dock appears to have lost the ability to send a video signal over HDMI; this means everything but the core unit itself has failed in some way or another over three years of ordinary use

incredible. just people living in the moment. not a cell phone in sight.

There was a moment when the main characters fell into a pit in the woods at night and I realized "oh, OK, now I get to see what happens when this film tries to be scary"

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Last nights background noise was the animated Raggedy Ann musical; I realize it's in vogue to exaggerate things like this (and YMMV of course), but I started it with the genuine expectation that there wouldn't be any Akira nightmare creatures in it at all

Tonight's Dragon Ball Z episode (245) has provided us with the source for this clip, and it is still every bit as ridiculous in its original context.

I've noticed it occasionally takes a regrettably dependable formula for comedy ("whoa, somebody's acting out of turn!") and flips it on its head by sympathetically depicting it from the perspective of the 'somebody' in question ("what else could I have done? this sucks")

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I added subbed episodes of Chibi Maruko-Chan to the background noise of my Japanese studies; it's very much a family sitcom but still has a few legit incredible moments (like the episode I watched last night where she gets appendicitis)

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