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Still reviewing games as I play and finish them over at -- I'm debating whether to post these on Steam (where applicable) or Tumblr on top of this. It's nice to write for the sake of writing either way

I love both the Japanese language and videogame novelty goods, but I avoid buying things with designs that include katakana characters for no reason. If I wanted to read English words in kana written for an American audience I can read a game's Wikipedia article for free

Digimon Adventure 02 #21 - Goodbye, Ken-chan... 

This and the episode where Hikari gets abducted by horrifying sea creatures are immediately preceded or followed by extremely light episodes; every In the Pale Moonlight gets its own His Way

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Digimon Adventure 02 #21 - Goodbye, Ken-chan... 

I appreciate that this show for young children is willing to spell out that someone with all the practical knowledge in the world is nevertheless capable of adopting a fascist mindset and creating mass destruction given the means and the rationale that his targets aren't 'alive'. The metaphor would've been better executed in a setting not constructed to sell a (very much not alive) virtual pet you can buy in stores, though

Show thread There's a meta element about playing live service games, and it involves worrying about making the most out of a game's enjoyable qualities before some in-house economist's bold vision makes those things disappear

I've been back into trying to complete Dark Souls recently (I'm bad at these games); my last attempt stopped at an intentional dead-end, Gwynevere's chamber following Ornstein and Smough

[frantically struggling to remember how to say "i see" in japanese] uhhh... naruto touhou

"Optimize" is a forbidden game development word, especially if it comes after the word "just"

DREAM: "We've heard reports of a controller drift issue, confirmed it internally, and will be sending out our new model to any registered user who requests one"
REALITY: "Check out Planet Z, this fiscal quarter's NEW character action title where PSIONIC POWERS can STOP TIME"

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These days my hope for any console game company announcement showcase is for them to address issues relating to hardware support and media preservation over the following several years. If they want to also announce some new games that's OK too, I guess

My favorite season of what I've seen was the first one, just because I enjoy analyzing children's TV to see how essential ideas for living are messaged inside it. I don't expect that to come back, since later seasons attribute their existence to the show's adult audience

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I plan to rewatch (and catch up with the other two-thirds I haven't watched) MLP:FiM at some point in the near future, though I'll, uh, probably watch it with headphones out of consideration for the housemates

That kind of work ethic can result in some dynamite art, but it's unhealthy if I've got nothing resembling a plan to get fairly compensated down the road for the time/effort I put in today. Praise and social media notifications are physically incapable of paying the bills

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This is also a move to value myself more as an artist. My recent comic projects were (explicitly/in advance, no shade intended) for the satisfaction of helping friends, which is fun as a hobby, but my time/effort-management has me doing it at the expense of everything else

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Categorizing myself as a general artist instead of a comic artist from now on, since it fits where my head's been at for several years (very few story ideas). I'll still produce comics if I'm inspired to make them, but follow me for narrative works at your own peril

The good news is I don't foresee myself rolling a new character in the foreseeable future, my main is too much of a lovable doof to consider otherwise

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Picking FFXIV back up since S-E offered four days for free, gonna try to get in the habit of running instances as soon as I get them (and looking up info on them beforehand, just in case everyone else is new to them)

Digimon Adventure 02 #9 - Overdrive of the Evil Ring's Magic 

In characterizing Ken the story's been showing off his rationale for attempting to assert power wherever he can while also demonstrating for the audience that those reasons are wrong; every cruel action of his seems to be the result of his overinflated ego and insistence on self-isolation. A lesser show would've made it a "cycle of cruelty" deal with abusive parents, but every aspect of his life seems perfectly supportive at this point

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