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I keep notes playing through these, it's refreshing (not really) to encounter the game's new resident main cast member whose first bullet point is "- Sucks"

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Just got past Danganronpa 2's prologue; as it establishes its premise I appreciate just how much it expects new players to have already played the first one to completion

insomnia's silver lining is that she gets to be there for this

Jab #1 complete, scheduled early in the day to avoid overcrowding. The next one's going to be even earlier, I can't wait

CC Attribution licensed; too many audio and video samples to credit here, but they're in the dooblydoo at

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flashing images, high contrast 

september 2020: phaedra and clemence work out the AV sync issues in their installation piece, just in time for the gallery (like everything else) to shut down again

Crypto nerds are truly oblivious to how much anyone even remotely concerned about the environment holds the phenomenon and its perpetrators in utter disdain

Pages 9 and 10, the finale for the first Vidhoppers story! Now that we're here, the sky's the limit

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Pages 7 and 8! Featuring a rewrite from the print version; to find out what it was, simply buy a print copy from an online shop I keep telling myself I'll make but haven't bothered to yet

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Took down Kalameet and Manus tonight; Kalameet was a ranged-only battle that took multiple evenings to develop the muscle memory for. Manus was easier because I'd overleveled both my equipment and myself, and stumbled upon the magic-nullifying pendant by accident, whoops :v

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Pages 5 and 6! Because it's bright and colorful and has more players than you'd ordinarily expect

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Pages 3 and 4! The game isn't explicitly Taiko Drum Master or Donkey Konga, but it'd be absurd if I denied its influence

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Artorias is finally down, it required dozens of attempts but I was able to follow the patterns for long enough without choking. By the time I made it through I barely had to heal at all, which (IMO) is the platonic ideal for how this kind of difficult boss fight should go

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Pages 1 and 2 out of a ten-page comic I made for Pico issue #5 last February, about a forgotten (fictional) '00s-era rhythm game. I'll be posting two pages daily until it's done

I'm eager to support Them's Fightin' Herds with as many characters as they're willing to add, but I will always main Paprika; brown llama factor aside, anyone new would have to one-up the win animation where she hugs her own chest fluff, and I don't think it can be done

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I use Trunks in my DBFZ team in part because his quarter-circle projectile bark of "MASENKO" sounds enough through the noise of combat like "BAZINGA" that, against my partner, it works effectively as a form of psychological warfare

I have no context whatsoever for the kid who roots for Kevin in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, so I imagine his name is Dominick and his custody was decisively won from a ladder match against Rey Mysterio

This might be the threshold that gets me to ask a friend for help, but I'd like to test my skills against a wider variety of things and come back to this challenge before I decide I'm willing to call in people with more experience to push past it

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Dark Souls 1, I faced Artorias a few times and decided I'm not good enough yet, so I'm breaking from the game for now to practice in other games in this exact series/genre instead

I'm officially halfway through WaniKani as of today; here are my current stats. I use references for the first four SRS levels of current-level kanji; because of this my progress isn't 100% unaided, so I can't use it to flex on anyone else~

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