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Oh, by "brings back the world" I mean conceptually, not literally! Gosh, that'd be an awful expectation to put on a game studio; I'm glad nobody's doing that

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My 3 hopes for Saints Row Self Made:
1. That it brings back the open-ended campaign structure and secret-filled world from 1 and 2
2. That the humor doesn't upstage the action, if there's another FIAJ I'm out
3. If the original series' crew appears, that they're in DLC only

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I wouldn't have assumed I'd be excited about a new Saints Row after Gat out of Hell, but the new trailer (despite itself being an over-the-top action sequence) looks positively grounded compared to the direction the series went after 2, and I'm into it personally

*sees the new Spider-Man trailer* Ah, I love films where the story's inciting event is a bad plan executed poorly by people who are supposed to be smart

I'm mainly just excited to be on the brink of having more leisure time on my own when the kanji blitz is complete. I've got playthroughs of Alyx and the Danganronpa series to get back to, I can't in my right mind do either while I'm out on adventures with my loving partner

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Trimmed down my games list for the rest of the year; it's likely going to be Sonic Colors, Melty Blood, Monkey Ball, and Forza Horizon 5. I might also subscribe to Game Pass just to blitz through Psychonauts 2, but only after I finish Rhombus and my replay of the original

I feel like it's a testament to the Kusogrande tournament's value as background noise that I finished an entire tournament as part of my Youtube Watch Later queue, I reached the currently-running tournament a couple of months later, and decided to continue watching

And now my Switch library is Yuzu ready, aside from some DLC I neglected to extract! I look forward to playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at a blazing 30FPS

Going this quickly is doubtlessly going to fill my review queue for weeks afterward, but I've acquainted myself closely enough with this learning process over the last *checks* 393 days straight that the idea doesn't scare me

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Noting the time I expect to hit WaniKani level 60 down to the hour. Estimating 3 days, 12 hours per level (the last three have been under that time) I should ding it on September 5th at 10:00 PM, after which I plan to flip a table and run down the street flailing my arms

*Correction, the non-Mini Astro City arcade controller; I have the Mini on the brain for some reason

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(The game is Quiz: The Feudal Lord's Ambition 2, which is probably why the episode hasn't been fansubbed yet)

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Tonight's background noise is this untranslated Game Center CX for a game that had no console release, so they used an arcade PCB hooked up to an Astro City Mini arcade stick and a FrameMeister scan converter

Bought a gooseneck tablet mount to permanently position my light therapy lamp above my monitor, just to avoid the single step of propping it up at the right angle every day

Each new episode of Tamers has the potential to have its cast of 10-year-olds discover a new aspect of the belief engine that creates their reality. The last one we watched featured an extended sequence where the MC grapples with the idea that he, himself, is made of data

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I've been really enjoying my time with older Digimon series in general; it's definitely (thoroughly) a merchandise vehicle for kids, but it takes place in an interesting world and treats its central characters pretty well. Sincerely can't wait to catch up to the new media

I have tons of games I want to play solo, but WaniKani's demanding as hell and unlikely to stop at any point in the next six weeks. I'm probably going to have to set a few days aside where I do the barest possible minimum to keep my streaks going, just so I can get some rest

I feel like people only accept the locked-down nature of this because of expectations from the '80s and '90s, when you bought a Nintendo to play Nintendo cartridges, the only games that physically fit inside the slot on that specific type of Nintendo

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The concept of a videogame "console" made more sense when they were 22MHz processors programmed in assembly with no rewritable internal storage, as opposed to today's consoles which are PCs you can only use to play signed games from a manufacturer-owned digital storefront

I figured I'd take the JLPT N5 in December for a confidence boost (with WK behind me I'm sure I'd be far enough in grammar studies to pass it), but they're not offering the test in Oregon or Washington this year. Whenever it happens here next, I'll be ready

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