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Stream complete after over 8 hours, hell yeah! Thanks to everyone who showed up; I made it to Kingdom Valley in Sonic 2006 and I plan to complete the rest of the game through its grand finale, scheduling details forthcoming~

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I'm awake! The plan is to shower, have breakfast, then launch immediately into streaming a variety of Sonic games for much longer than usual, starting at (or near) the top of this forthcoming hour:

Fighting game mains (still amateur):
BlazBlue: Ragna, Litchi
DBFZ: Trunks, Tien/Chiaotzu, Cooler
Garou: Kevin
Lethal League: Candyman
Skullgirls: Valentina, Peacock, Big Band
Strive: Anji
TFH: Paprika
Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, SSBU: *looks up from sandwich* Wh

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Each game was one we had more than a passing familiarity with, each playing our mains (with the exception of my including Umbrella in my Skullgirls team and my partner playing Baiken in Strive); it was beyond exciting, no other game genre makes me think on my feet as much

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Clover and I had a few good fighting game sets earlier; we started out hitting buttons in Garou: MotW, then moved on to other highlights, including Skullgirls, Them's Fightin' Herds, and finally launching Guilty Gear Strive for the first time since last November

An early birthday gift from my amazing partner @phenokage , this controller nails the Saturn feel without question and is going to be my input device of choice for 2D games for the foreseeable future :welco_metot_henex_tlevel:

The last time I tested this in VR I took a popsicle prop from the world I was using as my home (Yayoi Summer Nights) and mimed taking a bite out of it; to my surprise it lined up with the model's mouth perfectly. What a surreal experience

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I was at a VRChat meetup on Saturday, no screenshots this time because I scaled the model in Blender to my IRL height without reimporting into Unity and the armature came out all scrungly. The issue's fixed now, though

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I'm OK calling this the final Quest diffuse texture; I decided to remake the eyes to (in addition to featuring the inset pupil you often find in fursuits) provide the energy I typically bring to a conversation

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I've recovered my progress and the model's looking better than ever, but there should be a popup in Blender when you click the - button in the Vertex Groups panel that says "Are you sure? This is not undoable"

(this is distinct from the method I used to get the model online last Saturday, where I baked in the AO and used it as a low-opacity Multiply layer on the diffuse texture. Shading with Multiply has its uses but I avoid it while working with color these days)

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Slow going on the model's texturing process, but I think I've worked out a decent method; I'm doing a thing where I bake the AO into a monochrome image and use is as a base for a transparency mask to paint over and use on different shades specific to each diffuse color

Celebrated fInally/mercifully hitting new 3D modeling milestones by treating myself to a sweet new device! (Depicted here with an aftermarket band bought off Etsy that comfortably fits my adult wrist)

Updated roadmap! (The next step, "upload PC version with PC Standard shader", is a given.) The second list marks the feature-complete Quest model; end goal is to have a PC version that makes sensible use of the Excellent avatar budget (over 6X its current level of geometry)

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I walked a total of 6 miles yesterday for a medical appointment and I'd like to take it easy, so I'm holding off on streaming for today! If nothing else I'll be back on Twitch next Wednesday, see you all then~

no, fox, what are you doing, the last thing you need is more stimulation

did this for @qdot around 2014? ish?

The big problem with the DS9 union episode is ... (spoilers for that episode's ending) 

... Quark agrees to all the union's demands on the condition they not unionize, which as anyone who's ever been part of an organizing committee will tell you is a big no-no. No negotiation of demands without recognition first.

little bit of advertising, but the cutting room floor (a website i run) acquired a snes prototype version of puggsy, which ended up unreleased

we'll be doing a release stream of it on friday at 5 pm pacific.

more details on the dumb bird website:

(I ended up having to compromise on the shell bending, it'd either have required me to re-add that extra geometry I took out and disconnect it at the waist or be OK with a lot more distortion on the front half)

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