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Nine minutes(?!) on Diablo IV, they only reveal the logo after the first two and a half. Ha, fuck off

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Making my way through the Microsoft presentation, I'm skipping past more of these announcements than usual; either the company they're attached to has a tarnished reputation due to harassment and crunch, the trailer audio is overwhelming, or the game just Looks Bad

The Chip/Ironicus Jojo podcast is pretty good, the show it's based on is so frantic and exaggerative that listening to people describe and confirm with each other "yes, that's how it happened" feels almost essential to me

Another day, another land rife with inexplicable natural wonders to build theme park rides on

Stream's slightly delayed since I'm currently putting ingredients in a slow cooker, but I'll be starting the next part of Shadow's campaign in Sonic 2006 at 1:30 PDT (a little over one hour from now)

Apropos of nothing, I love Outer Wilds; because I experienced it in VR I remember it and its DLC as a series of physical spaces, a massive dynamic/highly kinetic and interactable world. I still get chills thinking about parts of it

512GB model ordered, I'm gonna play Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast on it

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Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass spoiler (central theme spelled out, possibly made more explicit in story beats I haven't yet personally reached in my streams) 

"Jimmy is an 8-year-old boy who is battling cancer."

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(the spoiler was in the first few paragraphs and not warned about in the article, I think because the author doesn't consider it a spoiler to begin with since it's pretty heavily hinted at ingame. Call me dense, but I'm halfway through the game and it didn't occur to me)

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Don't read the HG101 article on Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass if you have any interest in playing the game, I'm fine but I do feel like a major twist was spoiled for me, and it's going to skew my perception of its story as I continue to play it

Ah, a bundle called "The Star Trek Library" with 22 books! I can't wait to read the further narrative adventures of all my favorite charact*bundle bursts open into an avalanche of ship diagrams, reference manuals, TV production memoirs, and spot-the-difference illustrations*

All right! In 40 minutes I'll be going live for another few hours of Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass:

AI-generated artwork crossovers, Dale Cooper edition 

"Agent" = "sunglasses" to this AI, even though Dale Cooper never wore any to my knowledge. Still, the Cooper shines through in a few of these; image 1 in the painting one is a tape-recorder pose, and his poses in images 6 and 7 in the Araki one remind me of the character's vulnerability. The Watterson one (though not reminiscent of the artist's actual work to me) has a couple of McLachlan-like faces, and the Tekken one is just brilliant

No surprise, this is partially because I want to make the eventual HD version of my VRChat model a VTuber avatar and I don't trust my laptop in its low-temperature power mode to be able to render/composite that setup together at a steady 1080p60

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Steam Deck email should be coming soonish; I have a silly scheme in mind to use it as the PC that runs games for streaming, so I can use my desktop PC for the broadcast part and cut my laptop out of the equation entirely for a smaller/less cumbersome setup

The Batman (2022), lukewarm take 

Oh no! I know some of Gotham's most wealthy and powerful made some pretty bad mistakes, but they definitely don't deserve to be cancell-- I mean, killed!

Went in with Clover on a bottle of Furality Aqua Immersion Spray, finally a bottle of sauce to get lost in

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