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In a little over an hour (1:00 PDT) I'll be continuing my first playthrough of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, which has left the Central Hub and taken us to a mysterious lunar landscape:

i gave openais dalle the start to the GNU/Linux copypasta, i love this LMAO

Schedule for this week, featuring my first fighting game stream! Also, I liked Freedom Planet so much that it knocked Sonic the Hedgehog all the way the heck out of the weekday stream genre title; the queue of future titles for said weekday remains unaffected

Lilac's ending has been achieved! I finished right at the scheduled stream endpoint, so next Saturday's stream will start with a fresh save for Carol so we can check out her dialogue and gameplay differences from start to finish. Thanks for showing up, everyone! <3

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At 1PM PDT (a little over an hour from now) I'll be resuming my first playthrough of Freedom Planet, wrapping up Lilac's campaign after Thermal Base; I like it so much I've already decided to start Carol's campaign, possibly today if we have time!

This Dario Brando character seems like a real jerk, I'm glad his son's landing in a stable household

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At the top of the hour I'll be streaming Even the Ocean, this time fixing the power converters in Whiteforge City itself:

Several hours into doing this I realized that this far into my studying the endurance wall for looking up terms no longer exists for me, so the plan's changed; I'll watch these videos linearly for the most part and save the note-taking for a game or a manga I'm interested in

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Quality sleep eluded me last night, but I'm refreshed after a midday nap and plan to stream another 3 hours of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass starting in ~30 minutes!

The end of WaniKani burned me out and it does feel like I've recovered a bit from that. It's gratifying when I come across a word made of several difficult-looking kanji and immediately recognize its pronunciation and meaning, I want to experience that more frequently

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I've been leaning hard into Japanese studies lately by watching Youtube videos with human-written transcriptions, looking up unfamiliar terms, and taking notes. My hope is that repeated exposure to enough terms will eventually fill the holes in the leaky box that is my brain

More indie games, each of them reaching climactic story moments this week!

In ~1 hour I'll be streaming my first playthrough of Freedom Planet, a high-velocity 2D mascot platformer starring a colorful cast of cartoon animal people:

I'll be streaming more Even the Ocean in 1 hour (1PM PDT)! We've fixed two power plants with one remaining, but the malfunctions' exact cause has yet to be revealed:

Gold crocodiles
They snap their teeth on your cigarette

(the four of us, by coincidence, picked the four turtles in theme song order; I chose Leo, because Cam Clarke's voice activates long-dormant nostalgia neurons)

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As though I hadn't played enough games today, the housemates and I just finished rocketing through Shredder's Revenge in 4-player mode; that game nails the Turtles In Time feel, it meant a lot to be able to use and share gameplay tips from back in the day

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