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In around 1 hour (~1:00PM PDT) I'll be playing more Yakuza Kiwami 2, following a lead on a sniper and probably getting extremely distracted along the way:

Harsh violence in media, mention of this year's earlier eye stuff 

I've seen a fair amount of media recently that sometimes includes eye trauma when it wants to have shocking violence, you'd think I'd be especially averse to it due to the retinal detachment/laser barrier procedure I endured earlier this year but instead it's nothing but funny to me. I suppose it helps me feel like my eye health stuff is normal (which it is), even though the events viewed are in works of fiction

This will also be the last week with this schedule for a while; Friday streams will be taking a break after B-K's wrapped up! (Not forever, though; that day has its own queue of games I'd like to stream playthroughs for)

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With any luck we'll be wrapping up two colorful adventures this week! (The timers for Friday's and Saturday's streams aren't hard limits; I'm prepared to go later than usual if victory's within reach!)

there's an aggressive level of jank in these Linux-mascot games that I find really quaintly charming tbh, like the ludic equivalent of a middle school theater production

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1776 Solutions update, KF is gone forever 

1776 Solutions lost their Autonomous System Number (AS 397702), meaning they can no longer allocate IP addresses.

It is over.

Bought a set of third-party joycons with motion control so I can play Splatoon 3 in portable mode, I'm hoping they work and that future Nintendo hardware isn't so cheap or shoddy that replacements like this one are once again necessary

Stream status: successful! The games I played today were Shield Cat, Sonic Hoshi, Mega Man: Shattered Diamond, Garbage Girl Louise, and What Lies Between. Impressive showings all around, I look forward to seeing each of them as finished projects!

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In 1 hour (1:00PM PDT)! I've downloaded a whole smattering of indie game demos and Sonic fangames from , I'll be trying a few of them out for the first time and pointing out what I like about 'em!

You know, the more I hear about Grunty's personality the more convinced I am that if she wasn't a kidnapper who mistreats her subordinates she'd be cool to hang out with. One world, one seasonal nexus, and the finale remain, we'll get up-close and personal with her next week!

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For those of you still following us, we would like to express our solidarity with #dropkiwifarms.

In 2019 they disrupted the #glimpse Matrix channel, then they targeted individual contributors, some of whom are still hiding and/or have threads on them today.

Outside of our own project, Kiwi Farms has driven their political enemies from their homes, off the Internet, and in some cases to suicide. We will all be safer when that website is finally gone.

Hey, in the end that went wonderfully! In addition to fighting Ryuji and visiting the Aoi bar for the first time, I rescued a few people from harassers on the street, won a ¥100,000 VF2 bracket, and caught 3 UFO catcher items. Can't wait to pick this up again next week!

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Currently speaking with tech support for a dodgy refrigerator, but unless they take forever Yakuza Kiwami should start on-schedule around an hour from now!

This week I'll be progressing through a couple of adventures and checking out a handful of fanmade games!

Starting NOW: our official KORPSCON charity auction! Bidding will be through Discord this year and broadcast on Picarto- if you'd like a chance at one of the awesome items up for grabs this year, make sure to join the auction voice channel!

I've been keeping track of unfinished business throughout the games I stream, like the Deltarune hidden bosses, Yakuza Kiwami karaoke, and J&TPM heart prison; both Kusogrande games I've done so far will warrant a revisit when the time comes, I think

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Today's Kusogrande match was Penguin Adventure for the MSX; I apparently did relatively well despite a Monster Party creepypasta glitch lockup partway into my first run through Stage 2, which caused me to believe that stage was cursed for the entire rest of the match

Paper now holds the lowest position among the three Splatfest categories, but I obtained a deeper understanding of the concept of paper itself (and activated the Ultra Signal at least twice), so I'd call this stream a success! Thanks to all who hung out, this was a blast~

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In marginally over 1 hour (10:00 AM PDT) I'll be touring Splatoon 3's Splatfest lobby, playing whatever match types are available, and fighting with at least a portion of my might for Team Paper:

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