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Also I'm going around following ppl I was following on Twitter but oh God don't feel obligated to follow me back

I feel less like a youtuber and more like an editor I guess

Vegas feels so much more concrete than Premiere, I love it. I actually feel like I'm working with film, idk how to describe it but I'm having a fun time learning it.

not mad at the employees mind more that this issue has been getting worse for the past 6 months and nothing's really fixed it

Doing a calming visualization routine where I'm on a theme park vacation in Germany as I try to get Spectrum to fix my internet issues

Stream/self promo, uhhhh shrek 

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Misinfo, :gex: 

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I prefer the TPBs to floppies because a) convenience and b) Stan Sakai lists his sources and research info/recommended historical reading at the end of each TPB and that was my FAVORITE part of the comics as a kid haha

I have most of the series in TPB form but they're all buried in the closet....need a kickstarter to get me a damn bookshelf!!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned Usagi Yojimbo to a buddy yesterday AKA time for me to reread the whole damn thing again!!!

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Coaster vid w nsfw art 

Infodumping, mention of existence of nsfw nude art 

Becoming a car guy but with Roller Coasters I'm sorry

Marlon Brando gives me in-game currency for upgrading my Money Laundering skill, unlocking battles that take place at his daughters wedding

I'm playing a mobile game that's your typical empire-building with a Godfather reskin and it's great because Don Corleone sends you messages about server down time and you can recruit Fredo by gathering goblets of wine

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