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Hi, everyone; I'm tarah, otherwise known as lobst. I've drawn a few comics that people have seemed to enjoy, and programmed a game demo that won 10th-place in a 140+ entry game jam despite having no sound. My ability to finish any individual project has been stymied by mental health problems for over a year, but I've been seeking treatment and making progress. I've also been streaming videogames on weekends. Watch this space!

Also! There's going to be at least one more one-shot stream; I'm thinking of starting October with the beginning of my next full playthrough (you'll probably be able to guess which game it is in advance) 🔸

(Added an exit clause because while I'm interested in the mystery/setting for myself, I've seen screencaps of some bad/awful jokes; given its director's writing history I wouldn't put it past the game to be firmly lodged in insular anime messageboard culture 🔸)

Tomorrow night at 6PM Pacific, I'll be taking a look at AI: The Somnium Files (and possibly also something else, depending on how I end up feeling about AI's script an hour in) over at 🔸

Spent way too long tonight prone on my stomach/underneath my bed in numerous attempts to get my Elgato and its assorted cables out of sight and tied to my bed frame in the corner adjacent to the wall. I was ultimately successful, but the process could've done with some additional planning, perhaps

Ring Fit Adventure 

Ring Fit Adventure 

Ring Fit Adventure 

Starting in ~15 minutes, a fresh playthrough of Anodyne: 🔸

("adjusted" instead of "fixed" because there's still a tangle off to the side/surrounding the surge protector; the cables are now feeding into the consoles from the back instead of looping around from the front, at least)

Had a very "area [person] knows [they] must ride sudden urge to clean as far as it will take [them]" moment when I adjusted my TV stand's cable management earlier today

WIZARDS OF THE COAST: Dragonborn have no tails.

D&D FANS: Ahahaha no.

WOTC: And tieflings are almost always red.

FANS: H e l l s no.

happy Dreamcast Day, the soundtrack to Metropolis Street Racer consisted entirely of original tracks composed by Richard Jacques and contains the most pitch-perfect rendition of any Oasis song

dusting of the Dreamcast because it's 9.9.19, firing up my partner's copy of Metropolis Street Racer and realizing that I'm already familiar with one of the songs on the game's original soundtrack because they'd sent it my way back when we were still in the "sending each other mixtapes" phase of our relationship. :3

Tomorrow at 6:00PM PDT, I'll be continuing my one-shot streams with a fresh replay of the original Anodyne over at 🔸

I'm sick of seeing the Cool Billionaire Inventor character. Billionaires aren't cool; they're universally out-of-touch, self-absorbed, and profoundly unimaginative. Show me Tony Stark inventing something that already existed; except it has app integration, it's too expensive to benefit normal people, and five immigrant workers died in its construction.

alternative Mastodon front-ends 

Strike action 

The Digital Foundry comparison between the original and upscaled versions of Final Fantasy 8 makes the new version look unequivocally worse to me in just about every respect. But I love pixel art, chunky textures, and dithering effects, so it's entirely possible it's just me🔸

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