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Hi, everyone; I'm tarah, otherwise known as lobst. I've drawn a few comics that people have seemed to enjoy, and programmed a game demo that won 10th-place in a 140+ entry game jam despite having no sound. My ability to finish any individual project has been stymied by mental health problems for over a year, but I've been seeking treatment and making progress. I've also been streaming videogames on weekends. Watch this space!

Remember, folks. If you're buying or selling an item, either online or in real life, and the other party is making the transaction difficult, becomes offended at questions, or otherwise doesn't just want to complete the transaction smoothly, it's most certainly a scam. Walk away.

Terminator 2, misinfo 

Rough day today, but I'll nevertheless be continuing my playthrough of NieR Automata at the top of the hour: 🔸

One of the rare advantages of routinely using Kinect for exercise in 2019: if a piece of software ever comes out that's worth getting a VR setup in my room for, I at least have a nice 7'x5' rectangular patch of open floor at the ready for it🔸

Just Dance 2019 :kinect: 

Just Dance 2018 :kinect: 

Just Dance 2018 :kinect: 

The archive of last night's stream is up! I'm proud of how it went in general, considering it's my first time streaming together with Phen without a gimmick to distract from the usual discussion you'd expect from a video like this 🔸

pokemon red NPC: the power of science is amazing!!

me, 9yo: haha yeah whatever

pokemon swoosh NPC: the power of science is amazing!!

me, a girl now: you fuckin rite mate

Pokemon SwSh shitpost 

All right! In less than 15 minutes, @phenokage and I will be spending the evening playing a game or two on Switch for, hmm, no reason: 🔸

I've got a couple more slots for icons this week if anyone's interested! They're $30-$35 a piece. DM me if you're interested!

Starting in less than 10 minutes, the next part of playthrough B of NieR Automata, coming in hot at 🔸

HANK: If you make your fursona a pokemon, where are you gonna be in a few years when the next big fad comes around?
BOBBY: Then I'll just get a new one.
HANK: Bobby, a fursona isn't just something you throw away when something new comes along. It's a piece of yourself. Why, I've had Lyndon here for thirty years.
BOBBY: Here comes the ref sheet.
HANK: (takes a folded up piece of paper out of his wallet. his fursona is a jacked as hell bloodhound)

imagine walking into a store and this is the first thing the shopkeeper says to you

This will be a rare week where I stream games on two nights: the usual NieR Automata at 6PM (Pacific) on Tuesday, and a second one starting Thursday at 8:30PM, you know, just connecting my Elgato to my Switch for a few hours for no reason: 🔸

I feel like the root of this self-confidence problem is I've been promising to show off skills I haven't been adequately exercising offstream. This seems like the type of problem that can only be solved by good habits cultivated through incremental effort over time 🔸

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