I wouldn't be surprised if the fact that I've been actually socializing with others face-to-face, even if only in VR, might have something to do with it. Social needs are important

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(the "magic": I've been attending physical therapy appointments and working on the muscle tightness that's been interfering with my ability to sleep)

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I was able to sleep more than 8 hour straight last night and took a walk today, the dark circles around my eyes seem to have actually faded a little bit. What arcane magic is this

The addition of tail/hat physbones and a second handful of facial expressions means the Quest version of this model is now feature-complete! Up next, a polycount more at home on an Xbox 360 than a Playstation 2 :servbot_exuberant:

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My internet's been pretty funky for the last couple hours, but barring any major issues I'll be resuming my first-time playthrough of Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass on Twitch at the top of the hour: twitch.tv/lobst

COVID test orders 

New round starting; you can now get #COVID eight tests. Just ordered mine.


Today I learned that the in-game "manual" that Ralsei gives you in Deltarune 1 and that is a running joke because Kris doesn't ever read it actually exists in its entirety as images embedded in the game files, but there's no way in the game to actually access them

Entire thing on Imgur: imgur.com/a/I7jZAX7

Twice now it's done the thing where an enemy's laid in wait behind a door you have to work to unlock and each time I reacted by panicking and flailing about, usually with a brick or some other blunt/heavy object

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Tonight I made my third attempt at playing Boneworks, and at last didn't bounce out after getting sick in the tutorial; a crowning achievement to be sure. I've encountered my first enemies and found combat to be like Trespasser (1998) but, like, in a good way

(photo credits to Clover and Cynosura, who are better at taking VRChat photos than I am)

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Truly a fun time tonight, I was honored to be in the company of not just one but four iconic personalities in the same conversation

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Good problem to have -- so many people complimented my avatar in VRC tonight that I need to figure out a go-to response that isn't just "Ha, thanks! It took a lot of time and effort to make! :D"

Testing the fixed-eyes/face version of this turned into a little selfie adventure against wall art. (Worlds: Coopertom's amazing mall and a gorgeous implementation of Xenoblade 2's Argentum trade guild)

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(out of the entire journey I enjoyed the RTS games most; out of the shooters my personal favorites were 1, 2, ODST, and 5. We also watched Forward Unto Dawn, found it underwhelming, but had the collected reaction of "Ayy, it's that guy!" every time he showed up in the games)

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Darkman (1990) (1) 

Neither myself nor @Lobst have seen this one, but we have seen a Kusogrande of the NES game.

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Clover and I finished catching up with the Halo co-op campaigns two weeks ago, to commemorate the occasion they gave me the Halo encyclopedia from Dark Horse; I took it as a cue to get a few extra bits and pieces to celebrate it for myself

A wonderful birthday art gift from @moult, featuring a very kind rendition of my streaming mindset

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