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Hi! I'm poet! I'm an old (at heart if not reality) writer transwoman who runs a library and teaches writing classes and then uses all her skills to write very good queer stories involving 1) dragons, 2) moms, or 3) older butches, often all three at the same time!

For the past forever, I've been writing Dragon Moms, a serial story about queer moms having adventures and family problems! dragonmoms.com

You can find my other stories and novels here: poetfox.com

Yesterday, I biked up and down most of the "Long Beach" that the place I'm staying at with my partner is located. It was super relaxing and pretty and I'm so glad I decided to do that on a whim while she was at work.

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Never change, Bandori players.

Important Bandori Content.

Amazon: Here's some books you may like! *it's a list of books I have bought from Amazon*
Me: Well, you've got me there, I liked those, but I'm unsure what purpose this serves.

I keep buying games going "Oh, I'm going to have a lot of free time soon" but I think at this point I am going to be lucky to play all the games I bought for this free time so maybe I should just, you know... not do that any more. At least for now.

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When you're working on your fursona backstory with your friends.

Lyria's just saying what's on everyone's mind.

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Hi it's me I'm lifting lifting is very good okay have a good day!

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I am stockpiling games and Mirror's Edge Catalyst is like 5 bucks on sale... but I've probably already stockpiled enough...? Or have I?

And there's the other grinding task down.

Don't mind if I do. (One grinding task for this weekend down...)

(To get it you had to eat a whole bunch of these special Granblue burgers that they only sold in Japan during a promotion so sadly there is no way I can rep McDonald's in my game.)

I am jealous of everyone in Granblue that has the ridiculous McDonald's skin. It's so awful, I want it so bad. gbf.wiki/images/7/74/Djeeta_Sm

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In today's Dragon Moms Epilogue, Miss Nobody and Plato eat some dinner. dragon-moms.tumblr.com/post/17

(Interested? Start the story from here: dragon-moms.tumblr.com/tagged/ )

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