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Hi! I'm poet! I'm an old (at heart if not reality) writer transwoman who runs a library and teaches writing classes and then uses all her skills to write very good queer stories involving 1) dragons, 2) moms, or 3) older butches, often all three at the same time!

For the past forever, I've been writing Dragon Moms, a serial story about queer moms having adventures and family problems!

You can find my other stories and novels here:

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*reads a review of Let's Go Eevee*
Oh no, it sounds like I actually do need to get this. Hm...
I'll be good and wait, though. Not like I'm going to have any trouble finding a copy when I need a new game to play.

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Immediately requesting embarrassing manga at my new job's library so that my new co-workers know my shame without delay.

Our Dog, Mr. Q, is a little mixed pup, but we're pretty sure he's a big part Schipperke. My husband has recently learned this means "Little Captain."
So of course we're now calling Q "Captain" all the time. It's just natural.

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Software I legit want:
Gacha Maker, a program where I can set up a virtual Gacha of characters and just... create little stories you unlock with pulls. Say, a free pull every day or something.
That sounds fun to play with.

Was going to start a Slay the Spire run before class to calm down and focus, but I guess the most recent update made all my screen settings not work and now I can't get the dang thing to run in a window effectively? Very frustrating times.

Oh well, I'll figure it out.

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Hi, it's me. I've been busy and all over the place, so please allow me to do some updates. Apologies in advance for a bunch of posts in a row!

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