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Hi! I'm poet! I'm an old (at heart if not reality) writer transwoman who runs a library and teaches writing classes and then uses all her skills to write very good queer stories involving 1) dragons, 2) moms, or 3) older butches, often all three at the same time!

For the past forever, I've been writing Dragon Moms, a serial story about queer moms having adventures and family problems!

You can find my other stories and novels here:

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OCs at 15: This is Darkspear The Dragon, his heart is a dying star and he has four parents, each more powerful than the last

OCs at 25: this is Colin the Parrot he looks like Gregory Universe and works at a gas station


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Just wanna, like, lay down and cry at someone about my dragons.
My dragons are very good, please love them like I love them thank you.

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