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Hi! I'm poet! I'm an old (at heart if not reality) writer transwoman who runs a library and teaches writing classes and then uses all her skills to write very good queer stories involving 1) dragons, 2) moms, or 3) older butches, often all three at the same time!

For the past forever, I've been writing Dragon Moms, a serial story about queer moms having adventures and family problems! dragonmoms.com

You can find my other stories and novels here: poetfox.com

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I'm back in San Loui and Hanabi is being very friendly. I missed you too, little scream child.

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Husband and I are playing Jazztronauts and it is RAD AS HELL you should maybe give that a try sometime.

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Sitting in my car outside the gym and listening to the rain, it occurs to me that at some point I need to actually go inside the gym and work out.

But it's very relaxing out here.

I like a good anime OP. I've been watching Princess Principal and it has a good one of those. youtube.com/watch?v=8QjqkATvH9

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That was supposed to be the alt text on the picture but, you know, that's fine, it's fine.

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"Can you make me a potion to change who I am?"
"No," said the witch. "There are no such potions."
"Oh. I hoped-"
"But I can make a potion to change your body to who you are."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories