ESO - Morrowind 

Started the Morrowind expansion after finishing up the Clockwork City last night, and I'm having a lot of pointless feelings about it. I don't really have any nostalgia for Morrowind. All I have is the pointlessly elaborate backstory I wrote for Kyesk. And I feel like she'd be really hesitant to help out the Tribunal with all this Dark Elf business. So I'm kind of feeling odd about the story opening.


ESO - Morrowind 

It's probably a lot to ask for the game to go "Oh you're playing an Argonian, maybe there should at least be an acknowledgement that there might be bad blood here" but I want that real bad.
My favorite main story sidequest was one where an Argonian is like "Hey, I need your help killing my former owner from back when I was a slave because she sucks" and I was all "Hell yeah I'll do that" and it ruled. And I wish the story did that sort of thing more often.

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ESO - Morrowind 

Like, yes, the Ebonheart Pact legally wiped that stuff away but we all know that means jack shit. People don't stop being shitty just because it's illegal. In a way, that kind of makes it worse, honestly, because if the Dark Elves and Argonians were in different alliances it would at least be easy to go "Hey I'm in this other alliance, don't you guys suck?" and only have to like... write 3 versions of it?
I dunno. It's hard to tackle this stuff in a game, I get it. But still.

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