And done!
It wasn't a very competitive event, which is fine? But I was front of the pack for like the first third. Then hubris and Florida heat set in and, well, not a great time but what you gonna do.

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A Panel from Beauty and the Beast Girl poorly captured by my phone camera 

I love this line. It's great? There's just lot going on with it? It's funny and meaningful? It says a lot about Heath, and not things that are negative, really?
It's also totally me. I'm totally a woman, to some extent.

Monster Hunter World 

My brother and I continue to have exciting Monster Hunter conversations.

Granblue: 000 spoilers 

I never pick the "playful teasing Captain" dialog options, though I approve of them being there, but I had to admit, the sheer bad joke-ness of "More like Supreme Puker" made me laugh enough that I almost picked it.

Food, Alcohol 

Babby's first half marathon
Babby's first green beer

Bandori Wisdom 

Some fursuiter advice from Michelle for your Tuesday Morning.

Bandori Wisdom, Food 

Some Friday morning wisdom from Lisa.

Bandori Wisdom 

Some wisdom from Saya to help you on your Monday

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