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Big E3 Annoucnement 

There's apparently a Kemono Friends Picross game on Switch??

Why Blast is the best MonHun Element 

1. It's just a silly thing to be a core element? "My weapon is attuned to the elemental power of water." "Oh yeah? Mine is tuned to the elemental power of explosions. Not fire, though. That's it's own thing. Just explosions."
2. It never ceases to be hilarious to be attacking a monster and all of the sudden they just explode and fall over seemingly out of nowhere. Like, not even particularly related to your attacks sometimes. Just whoops, boom.

Doom: Eternal 

I want to play the Doom and I hope I get to punch the robot man this time, I want to punch him, and shoot a demon, thank you


I've been on a break for a while being obsessed with MonHun but fuck, every time I see anything about ESO I want to jump back in so bad...
Gotta finish setting up the office and do that, maybe...


Research Commission: Please stop capturing Pukei-Pukeis. We already know all we wanted to know. We're running out of space to put them.
Me: Here is another Pukei-Pukei. I named him Gerald. Please hug him and let yourself be poisoned by him once and a while, he likes that, I'm off to catch another Pukei-Pukei!

I think all I did today is grind out a Bow in MonHun and run a 5k and you know what? That's probably alright for a Saturday, probably.

MonHun Update 

Randomly decided "I'm going to try Bow today" and I've just been jumping into SOS Flares and bowing it up, and having a great time. Bow seems okay? I like it. I don't fully understand it, but I like it.


And done!
It wasn't a very competitive event, which is fine? But I was front of the pack for like the first third. Then hubris and Florida heat set in and, well, not a great time but what you gonna do.

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Gato Roboto 

It really wants me to speedrun it. It's got a timer right there by default. But I don't wanna.

Video Gamez 

Hi it's me the person who only plays MonHun now it's all I do now I hun a mon the end

Life Update 

Hey everyone, I've moved to the Florida lands and the new apartment is looking somewhat like a place a person could live, so I should be getting back to writing and saying things on the internet and whatever very soon.
Thanks for being cool land putting up with me.

Dauntless Console Launch 

Having some server problems. Not surprising. But the game is still a ton of fun. I threw them a few bucks for their pass. I want them to keep making monsters!

I find myself in this odd situation where I think my best weapon is the Repeaters? Which feels wrong, but the build I'm using that is a good mix of support and attack just works well for me.
I also figured out the War Pike, which was nice. Knew I was missing something, and I was. (It was missiles. It has missiles)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 

I mean, I thought I'd like this game, but I really underestimated how fucking charming it is.
I really love this so far. The story and characters, at least. It's very anime, but done very well thus far.

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y'all bore me with this "elf wife" talk, we need to bring #dragon #wife into the discussion

Angry At Video Gamez 

Me: Dauntless launched on PS4 today, I should get my account set up.
Game: You'll need to link to your Epic account"
Me: Oh sure, yeah, I remember you saying that, that's fine. Let me get that going.
Epic: We need you to verify your e-mail.
Me: Okay? Send me a verification e-mail?
Epic: No, never.

I've literally been waiting almost half an hour for it to send me SOMETHING so I can do this. Bleh.

I started Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Initial Thoughts: 

1. I figured the English VO would probably be entertaining-bad but it's actually super endearing? I'm pleased I already like characters and a lot of that is the voice acting. I'm into it.
2. I really like that Rex's silly outfit is totally the male version of the not-armor women usually have to wear in these games.
3. I don't know what the little monster race is called but they are unique and rad as hell and I already love them to death.

I played through What Remains of Edith Finch today 

I always knew I'd like this but I kept putting it off until PS+ gave me an excuse. Granted, fairly bad idea to play it while I'm feeling a bit isolated when it's a game about people being missed, but hey.
I loved how oddly grounded the magical realism felt. It was very emotional true. and I love how it snatches lore away from you fairly regularly. Because that's not the important part.
It's worth a two or so hours for sure.

In other Me Playing Pokemon News... 

I've forgotten a lot of the move weakness chart, apparently. I thought that was something so ingrained in me that it would never happen. I think I just never really internalized Fairy type and that sort of makes me doubt everything else now? Something like that... but yeah, I was looking up that chart over and over during the Elite Four.

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