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I'm Coda (though IRL I go by Avery)! My OC is a PossBot, which is a synthetic possum that can do lots of neat things. My pronouns are they/them. I'm incredibly queer and don't have a gender! I'm also a programmer, musician, game developer, and artist. I love arcade games (especially shooters), making music, and generally just creating stuff.

My partners are @pandora_parrot, @hyenagirl64, @Floe and @Crowley (and I live with the first two!)

(art by jungabeast @ twitter)

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Back at the con (sorta! Grabbing some lunch nearby first)! Lmk if you wanna hang!

was on a stream with chelsea manning tonight. that sure happened. i mean i was one of like 6 people talking and we were all watching hbomb play dk64 but still, that sure is a thing that happened tonight

stop categorising enbys into β€œbasically men” and β€œbasically women” challenge

me, speaking out loud: "wait, is masto gonna let me upload a .pdf? I don't think it should let me upload a pdf."
[upload fails]
"alright okay cool good"

It appears that Outside Wolves has been here

you will learn very quickly that mastodon fucking loves possums

Alright I’m gonna do some heckin karaoke with a metamour later πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

fucking fantastic you funky lil scruffballs

gender reveal party. I'm not having a child, the party is to reveal a new gender I've invented. An orange banner unfurls with the title of the gender printed in comic sans: "Chrinchie"

I found a really good tote bag at FC that possum bylaws legally compelled me to obtain

I’m at FC! Message me if you wanna come say hi!

shoutout to the woman on the train who wanted to ask me about the fox tail I’m wearing (en route to FC) including deadpanned questions like β€œso if you were going to a formal event, would you wear a black tail?”

mermx is now the official designation for agender mer folk

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