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Shout out to all my bot friends. the inorganic animals out there. Those with the eye screens, and the articulated joints, and various kinds of operating systems... you're all valid

A friend of mine just asked me the question, "Using someone as your personal stim toy is your way of showing them how much you like them, isn't it?" and I've honestly never felt so seen in all my life.

I'm currently listening to a record that I would describe best as some form of breakcore, by oneohtrix point never, called "bullet hell abstractions". this seems about right.

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And my brain interprets it as “eating noisily” which is one of the most truly unbearable things i can think of

It might be related to the fact that i have an extreme misophonia trigger around the sound of people eating near me

The expression “omnomnomnom” makes me VISCERALLY uncomfortable and i can’t really explain why

I often have to clear my throat a lot and i worry constantly that people think I’m trying to draw their attention to something. Also I’m terrified of drawing attention to myself in public

Shout out to everyone who’s anxious about clearing their throat or coughing in public in case somebody is gonna read it as a passive aggressive gesture and not just like, as a bodily function

Sometimes i feel guilty about using emoji instead of words but: i actually have a lot of trouble with words. It’s a blessing to be able to emote without having to agonize for several minutes over word choices, analyzing the implications of selecting one or the other or adding some punctuation or not

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