Here’s my new refsheet from jungabeast@twitter!

Their original post on twitter:

(Cropped off the text bc mastodon didn’t like the dimensions)

@Galuade they’re a really good character and I’m so happy with them AAAA

@Rybark yeah!! I’m really happy with how it came out. I’ve been needing a ref for coda for a whiiiile

@poss_bot can i play the original quake on your tummy

@poss_bot catch me learning coding exclusively for this purpose

@QuakeYote @poss_bot do you make the "hurrt" sound every time you jump? Please respond.. And jump.


@poss_bot jungabeast is such a great artist, I’ve commissioned them before and every time the result was great

@poss_bot who wouldn't play tetris on such a cutie?

:o !!
I really like the technological aspect of their design. I didn't know they had the digital/robotic things going on. (Again though, I really like that!)

@Skipper yeah, it’s subtle :) they are completely synthetic and computerized, but covered in nice silicon and faux fur so still SOFT

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