My GBC came in, and I got a copy of Pokémon Crystal for Christmas! This is gonna be my stress relief for a bit

1) that GBC rules
2) I love Gold/Silver/Crystal
3) playing on that original screen though is so hard to see, and it's so hard to like...get a battery installed that accurately keeps time, it's so frustrating....

@Hulex it's not perfect, but I have a frontlit screen at least! So I can play it in the dark kinda!

@poss_bot I too have a modded frontlit screen but I'm so spoiled by modern backlit screens, my old eyes struggle


@Hulex someday I'll just break down and get another gba SP (maybe an AGS 101!)...

@poss_bot lol I have two GBA SPs. I really don't like how the cart sticks out tho it makes me nervous playing GB/GBC games.
Also the layout feels weird.

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