You can be non-binary no matter what your body looks like, no matter what your presentation is, whether or not you still feel some binary alignment (lots of non-binary people still associate with “male” and/or “female” in some way!), whether or not you’ve undergone medical, social, etc transition!

And if you’re non-binary you can consider yourself trans! You meet the criteria for what being trans means - your gender identity differs from your birth assignment.

There’s so much enby power on the fediverse and I’m here for it and I support and believe in you 👍

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@poss_bot heck YYEAHHHH

thank you for the reminder, and for putting so much good in the world

@heytanuki i feel like other people validating my identity helped me overcome my own ignorance and repression and internalized bullshit (that i used to externalize and hurt others with). Coming to terms with my own identity and being trans/non-binary was how i was able to finally recognize that and start becoming better. I want to pay it forward, for all the support and encouragement people gave me 💟

@poss_bot it's exactly this ;.;

you're doing amazing. you've helped me personally! and i don't doubt there are others you have helped as well

and there are more amazing people around too, just with a gentle positive nudge, omg

i have some spicy vibes today, but i had a crappy interaction that i need to heal from. i would much rather be positive. =3

@poss_bot @heytanuki I want to thank you for this too because before I IDed as NB, back when nobody really knew about it, I was struggling and angry because I thought the options were man or woman. I knew I was trans but everything felt wrong being "man".

But posts like this made me realize that I don't have to be in a box and I could just exist the way that feels right.

@revolverocelot @poss_bot yay! I'm super happy for you 💖

one thing like, as a person who couldn't see themself reflected in the popular genders of the world, it's been a comfort that I just build it as I go. taking myself out of gendered boxes, and also everything else that I had gathered from the world. put it back together in a way that makes sense to me.

and whatever that "makes sense" is, it's personal, and your conclusion is valid. even if it's "nothing." there's more than we were told!

@heytanuki @poss_bot yeah when I could just be *me* years ago ago I didn't have to be in a box it was like a whole new world of self expression opened up to me

@poss_bot and you can be NB no matter what pronouns you use! Someone once asked me how does that work re: an enby going by she/her and the answer is just like any other pronoun.

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