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Server Rules:

- This server is invite-only; for the time being, registrations will not be made public, and invite requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Code of Conduct:

These are informal guidelines, and not a legal document. Interpretation is up to the scalie.club administrators. These guidelines are here to give you a general idea of what content is or is not allowed on this instance.

- Treat others with respect, and be respectful in kind. Know where the boundaries are for those you interact with. If you accidentally cross them, retreat and apologize.
- Harassment is not tolerated. Harassment campaigns may not be spread here; this includes doxxing and dogpiling. If you must call someone out, do it elsewhere and link it here.
- The Mastodon software has no quote feature for a reason: on other social networks it's often used just to show off how horrible someone else is (boosting their bigoted words into your timeline for others to reject), or to draw followers into an argument that should be one-on-one. Attempts to circumvent this through screencaps are prohibited.
- Sexism, ableism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and other forms of systemic abuse are not tolerated.
- When it comes to defining what constitutes "systemic abuse", the opinions of the marginalized are given priority at all times.
- This also applies to microaggressions (like intentional misgendering), "ironic" use of racist language, and other dogwhistles.
- Holocaust denial or support for the National Socialist party will result in an immediate ban.
- Sexually explicit images are allowed (encouraged, even!), but they must be behind content warnings and properly tagged. The same goes for discussions of sex.
- All sexually explicit images must exclusively involve consent-capable adults. ("Consent-capable": If asked whether they'd like to pose for an adult photo, they would be capable of responding "yes", and that "yes" would be able to stand up in a United States court of law. That definition leaves room for interpretation, but here's one that doesn't: any porn of a character that's under 18 is strictly prohibited.)
- All other potentially upsetting content must be properly tagged and put behind warnings: this includes discussions of politics, violence, rape, and bigotry. (No faces of famous politicians, please.)
- It's also customary to put selfies and photos of food behind CWs (for the sake of followers with scopophobia and/or eating disorders, respectively), but there is no scalie.club rule enforcing this.
- Bad-faith interpretations of any of the above rules will not be tolerated.

The administration of this website reserves the right to revoke any user's access without warning, for any reason, except as limited by law.